“Newly-Certified Liberian Party Leader Claims Country Suffers from Spiritual Curse”

As the leader of the newly-certified Liberia Rebuilding Party (LRP), Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee has made a bold statement about the state of his country.

According to Yorfee, Liberia is suffering from a grave spiritual curse that is linked to the brutal murders of former Presidents Samuel Kanyon Doe and William R. Tolbert, as well as the tragic elimination of thirteen ex-government officials.

The LRP is one of ten political parties that have been accredited by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on 30 May 2023, in preparation for the upcoming October elections.

Yorfee has expressed his deep concern that since the end of the Liberian civil war, the country has made little progress in terms of infrastructure development or reconciliation.

To achieve progress, Yorfee has identified four critical pillars that the LRP must prioritize. These include rebuilding relationships with God and citizens, rebuilding lives, rebuilding the country’s economy, and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

Yorfee contends that Liberia is already cursed due to the two violent murders of its former presidents, and that the nation must be brought back to God to thrive.

He strongly believes that reconciliation must remain a top priority, and has suggested the creation of a national park to be named the Liberian National Reconciliation Park.

Yorfee has also proposed that giving the slain presidents a dignified state burial will help the nation to reconcile.

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