Nyonblee Faction of the Liberty Party Comes Down Hard on Weah, Says the Liberian Leader Failed Dramatically to Keep His Promise

Day after President Weah delivered his 5th State of the Nation Address, the Opposition Liberty Party says the CDC led Government has significantly failed to deliver on promises made to Liberians

Officially responding to President Weah’s State of the Nation Address, the Liberty Party through its Chairman, Senator Steve Zargo recounted that it has been four years since the President took office, promising to generate access to healthcare, create jobs, stop the culture of corruption, restore the independence of the judicial system and improve the lives of Liberians.

However, the party said four years later, President Weah and his administration have significantly failed to deliver on his promises, thus disappointing Liberians, including the well-meaning and patriotic Liberians who voted for him.

The party further said the last four years have been devastating to the people, as times are now harder for the average Liberians than when the President took office.

The opposition Liberty party further alleged that in all of this, the President and his followers are continuously in a state of denial as to the bruising conditions the ordinary man faces.

Although the party recognizes some initial reforms started in the local government sector, but said the shortcomings of the Weah Administration have not been limited to poor economic performance, but also extend to poor governance and the rule of law.

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