President Weah- “I’m impressed with Ongoing Projects In Montserrado County”.

Monrovia: President George Weah , on Wednesday January 5, 2022,  took some time off his busy schedule to  inspect  three ongoing projects In Montserrado County. Those projects include:  The Johnsonville Road lightening project, the Invincible Park project and the PHP sporting facility project .

Following an inspection of those projects, President Weah said he was happy and impressed with the level of improvement made  by the contractors.

Making specific reference to the  Invincible Park project, the Liberian leader put the project at an  80%  completion, stating that  the remaining 20% will be done soon.

Here is President Weah in remarks.

“The project is for the people and I am imagining the time when the project will be completed and how happy and pleased my people will be.

The invincible park project has several components to include: Practice pitches, volleyball and basketball courts, children play ground and many others”, he added.

President Weah told a team of executive mansion reporters that his aim is to ensure that he transforms  the area to a new one, unlike what it use to be.

He hailed the project manager , Trokon Kpui for working very hard on the project so far.

“It is good when you repose confidence in people to deliver and they do it despite criticism from others” he said.

President  Weah disclosed  that the Invincible Park project  is his personal project,  meant to afford everyone the opportunity to benefit from it, big or small and it will be a proud for him, he noted.

“I am delighted, very satisfied and we are almost there, at least the project among other things will help us through sports,  foster  peace and unity among our people.

An  additional inclusion of about fifteen new housing  units has been added  along the project site , which has so far provided additional beauty to the project”, he emphasized.

He  assured the media that he will continue to inspect all of the projects until they are finally completed.

Mr. Weah describes those projects as his  success stories,  looking back at its historic nature  over the years.

Commenting on the year 2021, the Liberian leader said it  was good,  including the last three years of his  administration , and is hoping for the best for the next years ahead.

Following inspection of the Invisible park project, Mr. Weah also inspected ongoing works  at the PHP sporting project.

The project upon completion, will  have a playground, football field, restaurant and a modern giant size gym among others.

President Weah also expressed gratitude for the progress made so far on the lighting of the street , on the newly constructed Johnsonville road,  which he disclosed will be extended to the Dry Rice Market Community in Barnersville.

Infrastructure development has been key on the George Weah – led government agenda, since taking power in an election held 2017.

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