President Weah Urges Extension of Legislature Session to Address Urgent National Issues

His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah, the President of the Republic of Liberia, has issued a Proclamation urging the 54th Legislature to extend its Sixth Regular Session for an additional week, starting from July 21, 2023, to July 28, 2023.

The purpose of this extension is to address urgent matters of national emergency and concern.

The Proclamation highlights the Constitutional authority of the President to extend a regular session or convene a special session of the Legislature. This authority ensures that the Legislature can effectively deliberate and take action on critical issues affecting the nation.

The Sixth Regular Session of the 54th Legislature of Liberia is scheduled to conclude on July 21, 2023, as per the Constitutional provisions.

In accordance with the Constitution, a Certificate signed by a significant portion of each House’s membership was presented to the President on July 24, 2023, requesting the extension of the Sixth Regular Session for an additional week.

This extension will provide the Legislature with the necessary time to deliberate and act upon legislation of time-sensitive nature, as well as other important matters related to national development, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Furthermore, the Proclamation mentions the enactment of an Act that repeals the previous legislation regarding the annual adjournment of the Legislature and establishes a new framework for determining the adjournment schedule.

This Act specifies that the Second Constituency visit/break of the Legislature must commence no later than the third Friday of July each year and conclude on the second Friday of October each year.

In summary, President George Manneh Weah has called for an extension of the Sixth Regular Session of the 54th Legislature of Liberia to address pressing national issues.

The extension is in accordance with the Constitution and will allow the Legislature to focus on legislation crucial to the country’s development and well-being.

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