Press Union of Liberia Blasts Team Kanubah; Says the Team’s Recent Statement Calling on the Public not to do Business with the PUL Exposed its Ignorance

In a press release issued Wednesday, the PUL expressed dismay over Team Kanubah’s call to local and international organizations to avoid working with the institution.

The team is headed by defeated presidential candidate in the just ended PUL’s elections, Julius Kanubah.

However, the Union believes that such a statement has exposed the ignorance of the Team and its attempt to undermine the credibility of the PUL that Team Kanubah wants to lead.

The Union clarified that the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Bong County only placed a stay order on the induction of the new leadership elect or officers elect pending the court action on the declaratory judgment.

The release added that the declaratory judgment was filed by the Julius Kanubah Team and not the operation of the Press Union of Liberia.

The statement stressed that the leadership of the Press Union. headed by its President, Charles Coffey. remains in charge of the Union until the inauguration of the new leadership.

According to the release, the Kanubah Team has used the entire PUL election campaign period and this post-election period to propagate falsehood, misinformation, disinformation and lies.

The PUL Secretary General Musa Kenneh has been speaking in a Bana FM interview on Thursday.

Commenting further, Musa Kenneh questioned the belief of Team Kanubah that the current leadership is shut down.

Kenneh told Bana FM that considering the many challenges journalists face with state security, coupled with political intimidation, who will intervene on behalf of those journalists if Team Kinubah claims the leadership is shut down?

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