Representative Abu Kamara Denies Accusations of Land Dispute Intimidation and Violent Means

Abu Kamara, the representative for Montserrado County District #15, has vehemently denied the accusations leveled against him by the Farley family with regards to a land dispute.

According to an article in The Analyst Newspaper on June 5, 2023, the Farley family alleged that Kamara had resorted to violent means to intimidate them and had taken it upon himself to survey their private property without their consent.

However, in an interview with Bana News on the same day, Kamara refuted the allegations, stating that they were baseless and intended to defame his good name.

He stressed that he was a man of peace and had followed all the necessary protocols in surveying the disputed land, which is owned by the government of Liberia.

Kamara further pointed out that the Farley family’s claims were unfounded, as the Ranger field, which includes the land in question, is government-owned and not the property of the Farleys.

He also asserted that their accusations would not impede the ongoing construction project being carried out by the Liberian government.

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