Representative Seboe strongly defends Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson after the Minister was accused of criminally tempering with the Coastal Sanitation project; says Minister Wilson’s action is legal

Representative Dixon Seboe has come in strong defense of Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson after the Minister was accused of criminally changing the name of the Coastal Sanitation Project to the Temporary Employment for Community Youth, TECY.

It can be recalled that over the weekend, aggrieved workers of the dissolved Beaches and Water-ways Project accused the Minister of illegally renaming the budget line item with his TECY project for selfish benefits.

Minister Wilson has since refuted such claims and clarified that the Liberian government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports has the legal rights to implement its projects in the 2023 Budget as is being done with the new project.

However, the Montserrado County District #16 lawmaker stressed the Minister has done nothing wrong, adding that despite the TECY project not reflected in the budget, it is being used by the Minister to implement that budget item.

He also warned those making such a claim against Minister Wilson to desist, adding that he and other district representatives are negotiating with the Minister to retain the old workers on this new project.

According to Representative Seboe, per the ongoing negotiation, Minister Wilson will only absorb a number of the old workers based on the current budget and if possible, new workers will be added to the list to be captured on the new project.

He also told Bana FM on late Sunday that the Coastal Sanitation could neither go under the Liberia Maritime Authority or NaFAA on grounds that the two entities complained of low capacity to run the project, as such, the Ministry of Youth and Sports said it has the space and can run the project.

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