Senator Dillon Calls for Immediate Action on US$100 Million Cocaine Case Verdict

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has expressed his grave concerns regarding the recent verdict in the US$100 million cocaine case by Criminal Court “C”.

He believes that the judgment poses a significant risk to Liberia’s anti-drug trafficking efforts and its consequential effects.

The four individuals accused of money laundering, criminal conspiracy, unlicensed possession and importation of controlled drugs were acquitted, which has set off Senator Dillon’s alarms.

He understands the potential national security risks associated with drug trafficking and has called upon the Senate to take immediate action.

Senator Dillon has requested the Minister of Justice, the Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Commissioner-General of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) to appear before the Senate and address the matter.

The Senate has accepted his communication and has instructed the Committees on Security and Judiciary to provide a report to the plenary within a week.

Senator Dillon believes that appropriate action must be taken to combat drug trafficking and its devastating effects.

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