Senator Elect Nathaniel McGill Refutes Property Ownership Allegations, Challenges Accuser to Provide Evidence

Nathaniel McGill, the newly elected Senator of Margibi County, vehemently denies the accusation that he possesses multiple properties abroad, particularly in Dubai and the Middle East.

A recent incident unfolded when Stanton Whetherspoon, the former CEO of Spoon Network, presented a photograph of an imposing structure in Dubai, alleging that it belongs to McGill, who formerly served as the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs.

However, during an interview conducted at his residence, McGill openly invited the Liberian government to confiscate his property if it is proven that the mentioned building is indeed his.

In addition, McGill challenged Whetherspoon to provide the necessary documentary evidence to the Liberian government, thus enabling a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

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