Senator Johnson unveils group to unseat dictatorial government
describes Cllr. Scott saga as potential for rebel formation

Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson has cautioned the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government against the Association of Liberian for Constitutional Democracy (ACDL) that he says responsible to ensure a dictatorial and violence leadership in Liberia dislauch is still active.

Speaking in a telephone conversation on the Spoon FM Mild Night conversation, Monday evening, February 27, 2023 when he responded to a question asked by one of the panelist, concerning what measure they (legislature) are putting in place to ensure that people who are vocal against the government and hunted are protected, Senator Johnson answered by saying, they still have the Association of Liberian for Constitutional Democracy that is responsible to unseat every dictatorial system that is against the vast majority.

“Let me say this to you all and all those listening to this platform, the there is a group that were establish many, many years ago to ensure that a dictator needs to go is still in this country were ever they exist. One group is call the Association of Liberian for Constitutional Democracy ( ACDL) many of them have died now but there are some many sorphicated once that are still living” Senator Johnson disclosed.

He said that there fear is that when you have a leader who supposed to be protecting lives and properties and all of those Secret killings are going on and the government officials have been named as principal suspect ACDL they are still active and monitoring.

He said that because the Association of Liberian for Constitutional Democracy are monitoring what is happening in the country, that is what brings the fear.

” Those people are millionaire, they are money people. They are Liberian well establish in foreign land but, observing everything that is happening in the country. When the whole army and security was dissolved in this country after our war, they were reform.

He stated that after the election in 2017, President Weah fell in a system that is already established and entrenched and so he just brought on board few people from his side therefore, everything this government does it lick.

Senator Johnson pointed out that there is no secret in Liberia because people are observing, even those who commit the crime, adding that have people asked themselves how did the information got to Cllr. Jeremoe Verdier in the United States.

He stated that there are people that are feeding the foreign land with vital intelligent, day to day intelligent.

” So asking me how do we protect ourselves, we give our lives to God. He will take control. Following Jesus day by day, I have no fear. I am 70 years old and so now I am living by divine grace. All those killing happening is not necessary. Who want to kill me, let them come to my house. I am not against any government but the system.

Mr. Weah, we elected you, the people love you change the system. Don’t create a system were the word will go against you. The killing too much. We look up to the government to protect us” he mentioned.

At the same time, the Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson says the recent attacked on the home of former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu which led to the death of her daughter Charlie Musus has the propensity to lead to the formation of a rebel group to rescue the country from bad governance, mysterious death of peaceful Liberian and many others.

Phoning in briefly on the Spoon FM Mild night conversation Monday evening February 27, 2023, Senator Johnson explained that they have many people, Liberian citizens joining their rebel group because they were tired living under a dictatorial system that believe in violence and a fail system as we are seeing today.

” When people start dying mysterious death, people killing people, no improvement in the investigation it gives rise to the formation of a rebel group that will desteve our peace and democracy. We only have over thirty thousand (30,000) army and we were only on one hundred and fifty commandos well trained and we dare with them from the border all the way to Monrovia.

We saw the suffering of the Liberian people and so when I am talking this, I can always want to cry. Why are we fogotten history?” Senator Johnson questions.

He wondered why is it that the CDC government had forgotten history so soon as to what brought war in the country in order to learn from it and move the country forward.

Senator Johnson pointed out that once people are kill on a daily basis, and people died under a regime, the international Partners get afraid to come to the country and there will be no development.

He mentioned that Liberian alone can’t help and Liberian in the diaspora can’t come because those on the ground can’t walk in the street at 6:00 PM.

” We just want to tell President Weah, let him bring this issues under control. Let him control his people. Anything that happens in this country, my great grandson, Jefferson Koijee name is mention. I beg them, we don’t want trouble in this country. There are millionaire and Liberian somewhere who want to invest but they can’t come and so let if they can’t come, they can do anything to rescue this country. And if anything come it will desteve all of us” Senator Johnson warned.

He described the CDC government as an administratioj that is desperate, leader are desperate for power but no security to the citizens, and so, what do they expect.

The MDR former political leader narrated that may God Almighty helps Liberia and maintain the peace of the Country by providing a foundation for the international Community if they will send troops here for the election and people to ensure that our election is free and fair that will be better for us.

Senator Johnson said that what he is saying all this is an appeal and call to President George M. Weah to put this country under control because he is 70 years-old and he has seen a lot in this country.

Speaking to the consciousness of the CDC government historically, he mentioned that when President Samuel K. Doe was in powered, they saw similar thing when the the Nimba people and Liberian were been killed.

Mr. Johnson noted that during the administration of President Doe, everyday when Liberian wakeup they will find dead bodies lying on the street with parts dismembered.

He stated that based upon that, Liberian got tired and that brought the war in Liberia against the Doe administration.

Senator Johnson also historically reminded President Weah indicating that when jailed Liberia President Charles G. Taylor came In power after the assissination of President Doe instead of concentrating on developing Liberia he also organized demons force and several other military and elite group that destabilize Liberian.

” When President Taylor took over he establish all those groups instead of focusing on concentrating development. He found all those groups for special operations because he thinks he had control over violence. President Taylor kept Liberian in deep fear and brought heroic on the people” he lemanted.

Senator Johnson further indicated that former President Taylor continued this ugly acts even after the election in 1997 until the war came.

He said that the war came at the result of former President Taylor to provide good governance, adequate security protection for all Liberian and better economic and International opportunity.

” Now, this government of President George M. Weah had come to power and therefore, they should concentrate on attracting direct foreign investment in Liberia, providing security, and good governance for all Liberian to benefit. We don’t want war to come to our country. Let President Weah focus on investment to make people come here to provide opportunity for our people so that they can have food on their tables” senator Johnson urged CDC government.

He said that it’s now time that President Weah focus on creating jobs for Liberian so that Liberian who are graduating from the University of Liberia and many other universities can have jobs.

Senator Johnson said that it’s now time that the CDC government desist from all those Small, small military and malicious group they are having, including the Sabu Unite and many others.

He further indicated that the formation of all those groups are not necessary to the country now rather, they have the propensity to destabilize the peace and democracy of the state as we are seeing today.

” In this public manner let me congratulate the Armed Forces of Liberia, they are professional and discipline. The police now are becoming a partisan police which should not be. When we fought the war, they should not have dissolved the army because is what today give us regime army and police. The army should have been restructure instead of dissolved” he noted.

Senator Johnson averred that the army and police was dissolved in order to have a much more professional security that will have respect for the rule of law, human dignity and understand working with civilian.

” Today in this CDC government, we have party officers as we saw with the security guy who wor CDC party shirt. That should not be happening because the security should be nuture” he pointed out.

Commenting on the allegations of Monrovia City Police Office carrying firearms, Senator Johnson added that a member of such is not allow constitutionally to carry firearms.

” MCC officers should not carry firearms because they are prevented by the constitution to do so. If they are illegally carrying firearms, what will they also say about a private citizens that is doing the same? Will you go after the man that has weapons to protect themselves” Senator Johnson wonder.

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