Senator Kangar Lawrence’s faction of Liberty Party , Expelled Musa Bility and Martin Kollah For The Second Time.

The both men expulsion came out a unanimous vote of 28 executive council members who out of 44 met in Buchanan.

However, the expulsion seems comical,  because   the National Elections Commission has since recognized   Musa Hassan Bility as the legitimate chairman of the party .

The news of the chairman and Secretary General expulsion from the party,  was signed in a communication by  Jacob  Smith- the suspended political leader hand picked Secretary General.

Back to back suspension in the Liberty Party has become the order of the day.

After a failed  attempt to withdraw the 2021 constitution and have it replaced with the 2015 constitution, to unseat Musa Bility as Chairman- he Mr. Bility suspended senators  Lawrence and Dillon for failing to pay dues.

The political impasse within the party has taken another trend, as  Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence faction,  has orchestrated  the expulsion of Musa Hassan Bility and Martin Saye Kollah and other executive council members , who they believe have been aiding the dispute in the party by supporting embattled chair Musa Hassan Bility.

The special section to expell chairman Bility saw in attendance, the political leader of the party, Sen. Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence, the secretary general, national treasurer, members of the LP legislative caucus , ten eminent partisans  and a diaspora representative.

Uncertainty hangs over this latest decision, because many believed that the  the National Elections Commission will just throw it in the basket.

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