Speaker of the House Shows Appreciation for Legislative Reporters Ahead of Liberia’s Independence Day

Dr. Bhofal Chambers, the esteemed Speaker of the Honorable House of Representatives, recently dedicated a moment from his jam-packed agenda to meet with and engage in a heartfelt dialogue with legislative reporters.

This gesture, which occurred in anticipation of Liberia’s upcoming 176th Independence Day, was an opportunity for the Speaker to express his sincere gratitude for the reporters’ diligent work.

During this interaction, the Speaker, known for his deep appreciation of the media, commended the reporters for their unwavering commitment in covering legislative affairs.

He also acknowledged the crucial role that the media plays in disseminating information to the public, thereby fostering an informed citizenry.

In response, the reporters, representing LEGISPOOL, conveyed their warmest regards to the Speaker and all Members of the House of Representatives.

Their well-wishes were particularly significant as they coincided with the joyous occasion of Liberia’s Independence Day celebration.

The exchange between the Speaker and the legislative reporters exemplified the tradition of leaders extending their good wishes to various individuals and groups who contribute to the progress and development of the nation.

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