Speaker of the House Urges Liberians to Embrace Peaceful Elections and Unity

Dr. Bhofal Chambers, the highly regarded Speaker of the House of Representatives, has issued a heartfelt appeal to the people of Liberia, urging them to abstain from engaging in any acts of violence during the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

During a phone interview on ELBC’s legislative program, Speaker Chambers emphasized the crucial importance of maintaining a peaceful atmosphere throughout the electoral process.

He called upon all Liberians to wholeheartedly endorse the ongoing peace efforts, recognizing that elections serve as a platform for the expression of diverse ideas and should cultivate an environment where differing viewpoints and aspirations can coexist harmoniously, without the presence of violence.

Speaker Chambers stressed that violence has no place in a democratic society and only serves to impede progress and undermine the credibility of the electoral process.

He implored citizens to responsibly exercise their democratic rights through peaceful and respectful means, such as voting and engaging in peaceful political discussions.

In his plea, Speaker Chambers highlighted the necessity for unity among Liberians and emphasized the significance of respecting the outcome of the elections, irrespective of personal preferences.

He urged all political parties and candidates to encourage their supporters to uphold the principles of democracy and accept the will of the Liberian people.

To ensure a peaceful election process, Speaker Chambers called upon the government, security forces, and election officials to provide a safe and secure environment for voters to freely exercise their rights.

He emphasized the need for transparency and fairness in the electoral process, urging all stakeholders to uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Furthermore, Speaker Chambers called for a national dialogue and reconciliation, encouraging Liberians to engage in constructive discussions to address any grievances or concerns they may have.

He emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence and the need to prioritize the well-being of Liberia and its citizens over personal or political interests.

Concluding his plea, Speaker Chambers expressed his confidence in the ability of Liberians to conduct a peaceful and successful election. He called upon the international community to support Liberia in ensuring a smooth electoral process and to continue their partnership in promoting peace and development in the country.

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