Supporters of PUL presidential candidate Daniel Nyakonah, condemns personal attacks on vice presidential candidate, Bettie Johnson-Mbayo by the Nation Times Newspaper

Recently, the paper published a story captioned, “Sick of Bad Luck, as Indicted, Convicted, Sentenced Criminal Eyes PUL Post” but the publication was greeted by huge public condemnations.

Addressing a major news conference on Tuesday in Monrovia, Team Daniel-Bettie Campaign Chair, Lennart Dodoo said while there is in a lofty spirit and very convinced of clinching a victory, but they take a serious exception to such the newspaper which is being managed and operated by a so-called strategist of the opposing side.

He told the press that the team is concerned about the reported menaces and intimidations by some media executives against staff who have decided to root and vote their candidates.

The team believes this is utterly wrong and should be unwelcomed in the democratic space.

He made it emphatic that the media plays a significant role in strategically projecting the democratic credentials of the state and as such, journalists must do everything as professionals to safeguard their fundamental norms.

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