Supreme Court Orders NEC to Certificate CPP Senator-Elect

The Supreme Court of Liberia has finally declared Simeon Taylor, winner of the December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial elections in Grand Cape Mount.

The Supreme Court in its final ruling said, though it is an offense under the New Elections Law for an electorate to register twice, but in the Grand Cape mount case, it was established that Simeon Taylor only voted in Tahn town, despite his name appearing on the Final Registration Roll of Tahn and Lofa Bridge precincts.

The Ruling furthered that Complainant Victor Watson of the Coalition for Democratic Change failed to establish proof of pre-marked ballots, forgery of the Signatures on the senate record of the Count and the stopping of its poll watchers from entering the polling station.

The high-Court, however ruled, ordering the National Elections Commission to Certificate Simeon Taylor of the CPP with full benefits and remuneration, as if he were seated January 2021.

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