The judiciary Branch of government, through the Supreme Court, is expected to convene a National Judicial Conference June 7-11, 2021.

The conference conforms with Part (1) of Rule 19 of the Revised Rules of the Supreme Court, uniting legal actors, and restoring an indubitable dignity in the judiciary system.

Part (1) of Rule 19 of the Revised Rules of the Supreme Court provides that “The Supreme Court shall hold a National Judicial Conference at least once every year, to discuss pertinent legal issues relative to the administration of justice”.

This year’s conference which is scheduled to be held at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, is under the theme ” The Law, Public Policy & The Economy “, and will focus on critical legal and public policy issues and their impacts on the Liberian economy.

Addressing MICAT Regular Press Briefing on Thursday May 27, 2021, the Director of Communication at the Temple of Justice, Atty. Darryl Ambrose Nmah explained that the conference will bewed Justices of the Supreme Court, judges, magistrates, and lawyers as well as local and international participants with diverse professional backgrounds that will encapsulate the broader spectrum of our society and the subject matters to be adequately discussed.

The conference will also allow the Judiciary to play a significant role in business climate reforms by examining reforming rules and legal processes and procedures that will increase the confidence of potential investors and existing businesses.

As contradiction and mixed feelings still exist in the public about issues relating to ethical transgression in the justice system, Atty. Nmah disclosed that the Supreme Court is looking forward to an open and hearty discussion that will reduce or totally eradicate mixed feelings, and garner more positive perception that will enhance public confidence in the judicial system.

However, Atty. Nmah further admitted that for the past ten years, the Supreme Court was unable to conduct a conference due to financial constraints they were faced with.

“The last National Judicial Conference was held from March 8-10, 2010, during the tenure of the late Chief Justice, Johnnie N. Lewis, with the current Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. serving as conference chair”, he explained.

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