Suspended Buchanan Port Manager Speaks; Threatens to Disclose Documents to the Public

Suspended Buchanan Port Manager Charles Gull has spoken for the first time to the dismay of investigators and the Public, threatening to release Documents to the public on the ongoing investigation.

This comes following days of speculation about his alleged seconded behaviour in the midst of investigation, and alarm by some individuals via Social Media that Charles and his Statistician Amara Kamara had escaped via Neighbouring Sierra Leone to the United States of America aimed at avoiding further prosecution after admitting before the National Port Authority’ team of Investigators a week ago.

Dakpannah 24 has gathered that despite the unknown location of the two individuals linked to the Scandal, Charles Gull has vowed to protect his Integrity by exposing people he described as Big Guns, allegedly involved with the unaccounted fifty thousand United States Dollars a fund generated from Port transaction.

Gull, who recently posted on his official Facebook page, said it was time for him to express himself and clarify the entire allegation.
According to him, he succumbed first to the allegation on grounds that he was under duress, and the fear of death, being in imminent danger, adding that he have all of the documents and communications in his possession. 

Recently the National Port Authority informed the public that Charles Gull and Statistician Amara Kamara have confessed to corruption allegation admitted that they created bogus accounts in which their remitted funds without NPA management’s consent.

According to NPA Director of Public Affairs, Malcolm Scott, the two men have pleaded for mercy, but the Port as an institution will not compromise the interest of the State by accepting their cries for mercy.

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