The Executive Director of the EPA has taken a bold stance by urging both citizens and the government to fulfill their outstanding debts to media institutions.

During the 33rd World Press Freedom Day in Monrovia, the EPA boss highlighted the financial difficulties currently plaguing various media institutions.

He emphasized that without the necessary financial capacity, the media cannot function effectively, and as such, those who owe the media, including the government, must pay up.

The Atlantic Broadcasting Corporation CEO also urged Liberian journalists to uphold the core values of their profession.

In response, Labor Minister Charles Gibson stated his commitment to ensuring that entities that owe media institutions pay up, so that journalists can receive their deserved wages.

This is despite the ministry’s failure to address the low salaries of government employees, which has led to recent protests by workers in the Ministry of Transport and Information over salary disparities.

Cllr. Gibson noted that it is unfair for media practitioners to receive less than $50 due to some entities’ failure to pay what they owe media outlets.

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