The House Special committee is currently conducting an investigation into the performance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and spending agencies to ensure that they are meeting their budgetary obligations.

The Honorable House of Representatives has convened a special committee meeting to assess the performance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and government agencies in regards to their budget spending. The aim is to ensure that public funds are being used efficiently and effectively to achieve their intended outcomes.

The committee is composed of House members with expertise in government finance and policy.

During the meeting, representatives from the relevant SOEs and agencies are invited to present information about their budget allocations and expenditures. Questions are asked about their financial performances, including revenue streams, operating costs, and capital expenditures.

The committee is chaired by Hon. Johnson N. Gwaikolo, who seeks information about the impact of the programs and services funded by the budget.

The committee also requests independent audits or evaluations of the SOEs and agencies’ performances to provide additional information to support their assessment of the budget’s performance. Based on their findings, the committee provides recommendations for improvements to the budget allocation process and to the management and performance of the SOEs and agencies.

The House is exercising its oversight function, and the committee members include Hon. Johnson Gwaikolo as chair, Hon. Clarence Ghar as co-chair, and Hon. Alfred Koiwood, Hon. Ivar Jones, Hon. Alex Grant, Hon. Matthew Joe, and Hon. Solomon George.

Chairman Gwaikolo emphasizes that the purpose of these meetings is to ensure that public funds are being used effectively and efficiently to benefit the citizens of the country.

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