The Mother of Shadrack George Weah Expresses Overwhelming Joy and Happiness Towards Justice System

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson

Following a unanimous guilty verdict against defendant Chris Karpeh for the crime of murder by trial jurors at criminal court A at the Temple of Justice; the mother of victim Shedrick George Weah, Madam Christian Kpakeh, spoke in an interview with judicial reporters after Judge Roselvet Willie granted them justice. speaking on February 28, 2022, Madam Kpakeh said that the court has touched her heart greatly by giving her joy, because she feels very bad and hurt most time, seeing other peoples’ children, while her own son is no more.

The accident, which took place on August 4, 2021, in the new Kru town community, the indictment stated that defendant Chris Karpeh did knowingly, purposely, intentionally maliciously and criminally truck his nephew Shadrick George Weah with an axe under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.

The indictment further revealed that the criminal act to kill the deceased started on July 29, 2021 when the defendant and deceased were involved in bitter confusion that resulted in a fist fight.

According to Madam Kpakeh, before coming to the court for the case, she has been hearing lots of negative information. even from the defendants family, that nothing will come from the case and that they will make sure that their son is prevented from going to jail.

Giving flashback of the situation, she said that the entire case started when confusion happened between herself, Chris Karpeh, along with his three sisters, where they jumped on her and beat her when her son was not around but later informed him when he came and informed him about the incident.

She continues that when she told the deceased that Chris and his sister jumped on her, he went to them and asked them, but Chris, along with his sister, again jumped into a fistfight with her son.

Madam Kpakeh disclosed that she reported the complaint to the police station, but later she decided to bring the case back home after her brother in-law and others told her that they were going to settled the matter home and told her sorry.

“I did as they asked me and we brought the case home. Finally, they called both of us to a meeting under the trees and talked about the case. After they talked, they told Chris and his sister to tell me sorry because they wronged my family and they did as instructed. We were reunited and things were okey with us once more.” Madam noted.

She further indicated that two weeks after the case, her son went to Chris’s house with a child, when he got to the house while playing with the child, chris came from behind my son with an axe and split him in the head and he falls to the ground in a pool of blood.

” Sister came to my house while running and calling me, saying “come and see oo Chris nock your son with axe behind his head.”
When we went there i saw my son in the heavy pool of blood unconscious. I never expected that from chris after we settled everything. More besides, Chris has been eating at my house and i took care of chris as my own son. This world is evil, but again, thanks to the court,” she concluded.

” I was really worrying with all that i hear about our justice system but they all have been proven wrong. Justice has been served for me and therefore, now i can eat and sleep good. My son was very precious to me. Loosing him in this manner is something i never wished for ever in my life,
” madam Kpakeh noted.

meanwhile, trial jurors on Monday, February 28, 2022 brought down a unanimous guilty verdict against defendant Chris Karpeh for the crime of murder in criminal court A at the Temple of Justice.

“Is given to bring a verdict ,after careful consideration of the evidence adduced at the trial, we do hereby unanimously agree that the defendant is hereby guilty of the crime of murder,” the jurors maintain.

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