The Prestigious Mark Palmer Prize Award has been Bestowed upon U.S. Ambassador Michael McCarthy, Recognizing his Unwavering Commitment to Advancing Democracy, Championing Human Rights, and Tackling Corruption in Liberia

Michael McCarthy, the United States Ambassador to Liberia, was honored with the prestigious Mark Palmer Prize Award for the year 2023 by Freedom House.

The award, named after the late US ambassador, foreign policy innovator, and Freedom House trustee Mark Palmer, is bestowed upon diplomats and civil servants who exhibit daring and imaginative measures towards the promotion of democracy and human rights.

The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 9,2023, during the organization’s annual awards dinner.

Freedom House acknowledged Ambassador McCarthy’s unwavering commitment to advancing democracy, human rights, and tackling corruption in Liberia, making him a deserving recipient of the Mark Palmer Prize.

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