U.S. Ambassador Calls on Government Officials to Stop Corruption and Prosecute Perpetrators of Power Theft

United States Embassy near Monrovia says Liberia Electricity Corporation lost $220 million dollars within the last five years, as a result of well-organized electricity theft cartel that benefits well-connected businesses and government officials

Addressing a major news conference on Thursday, U.S. Ambassador to Liberia, Michael McCarthy said the embassy knows that some LEC investigators trying to fix the problem have been harassed by some representing themselves as security officials and termed the act as unacceptable.

Ambassador McCarthy said as a major investor in Liberia’s power sector, the U.S calls on government officials to stop corruption and prosecute perpetrators of power theft, no matter how important they made be.

He continued that those who steal the electricity are not robbing Deep Pockets Corporation; but are stealing from the Pro-Poor Agenda.

According to Ambassador McCarty, the Liberia Electricity Corporation has lost 220-million U.S dollars in the last five years to technical and commercial losses and unpaid bills.

The U.S. Ambassador mentioned that the Embassy cares about the development of Liberia and its people, while corruption and power theft are standing in the way of that development.

Meanwhile, U.S Ambassador McCarty pointed out that more than half of the electricity generated is not paid for, nothing that he was both impressed and discouraged by what he saw and heard about the LEC.

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