UMU is About to Move to the Best in Liberia Under my Leadership , Says Rev/Dr. Gono

Speaking at the induction ceremony of the United Methodist University is the newly Inducted President Rev.Dr Yar Donlah Gonway -Gono  said, “under my regime the United Methodist University will become the place of hope , flexibility and equality, and an agent for mobility and progress of the University, “l am going to make sure we  demonstrate  our ethical,moral,Christian values and responsibilities to make sure that the University is placed above all universities across the Country.”

Dr. Gono stressed that she is overwhelmed because a woman has been called President of UMU for the first time since its’ existence . The one that was not suppose to be educated and to be appointed  and inducted as the Sixth President today by the Bishop of the United Methodist church, “indeed this is a new day and the University is doing a new thing by appointing me as President for this Institution. With my vast experience in the Educational Sector,
our school is going to be the best in the country.”

Dr. Yar Donald Gono lamented that the area of educational growth is where she was  call to serve, therefor, she understands   the way in changing every dynamics in the educational sector. 

She expressed that the Liberia educational system is faced with a lot of challenges, which she is aware of. The challenges have to deal with serious historical economic problems, political and ethnic divisions, and leadership issues. Even the highest institutions of learning are suffering from the lack of resources  to produce quality students that are marketable.

She added that when a student graduates from the University, they become job seekers and not job creators, yet they continue to send out thousands of students every year with the means for them to create a job.”

The President disclosed that University owners are the conflict, not the students. “If we join hands together in producing the best students who are fully trained and educated, they can engage and compete anywhere to defend Liberia without any futher embarrassment.”

Rev. Gono mentioned that for any vision of moving forward to become compelling, it must be a shared vision.

Under her regime, her plans are going to be shared ones with faculty, staff, and teachers as well as the stu, who are the direct beneficiaries .

She further noted that she will work with everyone to give the University their absolute best, and to lay out a full value of academic excellence, accessibility and diversity, honor and student self-governance, public private service, and mutual respect for all.

The inducted President said her goal will be making the school great beyond any reasonable doubt.

Remarking at the same time, the Resident Bishop of the United Methodist church, Bishop Samuel J.Quire said “thanks for the acceptance of your new preferment as the Sixth but first Female President of the Institution. I believe in you, go and lead well for the betterment of our institution and the development of Liberia.”

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