US Ambassador to Liberia Accused of Unprofessional Conduct by Speaker of House of Representatives

Michael McCarthy, the US Ambassador to Liberia, has come under fire from Bhofal Chambers, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, for his unprofessional approach to key issues of national governance.

Chambers accused McCarthy of displaying undiplomatic behavior when commenting on the challenges faced by the current government led by the Coalition for Democratic Change.

Chambers further claimed that McCarthy’s conduct did not align with the views of the people and government of the United States.

He emphasized that such behavior was unacceptable and not representative of how diplomats should conduct themselves, adding that McCarthy’s remarks did not reflect the official stance of the United States Government.

During a recent event where Sinoe County Electoral District #3 Representative Matthew Zarzar was awarded an honorary degree, Chambers made it clear that any allegations from the ambassador would not be tolerated on Liberian soil.

It is important for diplomats to conduct themselves in a manner that is professional and aligned with the values of their government and the host country, Speaker Chambers concluded.

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