WAEC-Liberia Postpones 2020/2021 National Exams

WAEC Liberia has informed all schools and candidates that the 2020/2021 exams, which were to be taken beginning July 19,are postponed due to an unfortunate sinking of a vessel.

According to the Communications Director of WAEC Liberia, Prince Nagbe, a boat that was transporting nine of WAEC Liberia’s staff members with exam papers from the Free Port of Monrovia to Maryland capsized on Saturday July 17 and are yet to be found.

Speaking to FARBRIC Radio, Prince Nagbe said due to this unfortunate situation all exams are postponed indefinitely until otherwise noted.

However, according to the Liberian government, 11 people, including one person from WAEC Liberia, have been rescued so far.

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