Wife of Cheating Husband Testifies in Court, Reveals Shocking Truth About Their Marriage

During her appearance as the first witness for the defense, Mrs. Vivian Joe Saamoi made a shocking revelation to the court and the jury. According to the Sales and Commercial Manager at Liberia Cement Corporation, her husband, Mr. Henry Saamoi, filed for divorce after being caught cheating on her during their nine-year relationship.

Testifying on May 23, 2023, Mrs. Saamoi shared that the crisis in their marriage started in 2019 when her husband began working out at a gym. She also noted that he started doing strange things like answering his phone outside.

Mrs. Saamoi vehemently denied her husband’s claims against her and stated that she had always kept her vows as a wife. She added that she never disrespected her husband during their marriage.

She accused her husband of being the one who abandoned his marital vows and becoming very irresponsible. She also claimed that he engaged in extramarital affairs and became very brutal, contrary to his allegations against her.

Madam Saamoi shared that her marriage with her husband began on a strong foundation of friendship and mutual goals. Together, they built a life filled with shared properties, joint accounts, and thriving businesses. Their greatest hope was to start a family, and with the grace of God, they were blessed with a child.

However, in 2018, their happy life was disrupted when her husband received a text message from a woman he trained with at the gym during a family friend’s wedding abroad. Despite the allegations made against her by her husband, Madam Saamoi vehemently denied any wrongdoing and challenged her husband to provide concrete evidence of his claims.

In fact, Madam Saamoi revealed that it was her husband who had been cruel, violent, and disrespectful towards her, especially when confronted with his questionable activities with other women, including his female office staff. On one occasion, Madam Saamoi discovered several nude photos of different women on her husband’s phone, but he begged for her forgiveness and pleaded with her to delete them for the sake of their marriage.

Regarding her husband’s accusation that her pregnancy was not his, Madam Saamoi denied any knowledge of this and insisted that if it were true, her husband should have informed her so that they could have done a DNA test together.

In conclusion, Madam Saamoi stands by her innocence and maintains that she has always been a faithful and loyal wife to her husband.

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