Witness Testifies that Cummings admits to Altering CPP Document

By G Bennie Bravo Johnson

The Chairman of the All Liberian Party, Mr. Theodore Momo, in continuation on the witness stand as the prosecution‘s first witness, on Thursday March 3, 2022, disclosed that Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, the Political leader of the Alternative National Congress and former Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties, admitted altering and forging the CPP framework agreement.

According to Chairman Momo, they discovered from the National Election Commission of Liberia (NEC) that Mr. Cummings had filed documents, which he provided to the NEC through its political office, along with his co-conspirator.

“I am aware of the May 19, 2020 framework document, the April 24 2020 amended framework that was revise by the lawyers. And the purported file CPP framework document that was notarized July 14, 2020. There is a copy of the framework document, which is marked as ‘’final CPP framework.” That copy was retrieved for investigation by the investigative committee of the CPP and it’s the same copy that was validated, reviewed, and prepared for signing on May 19, 2020,‘’ Mr. Momo noted when prosecution asked if he knows about any document that is in existence, apart from the first three he testified to.

During the trial, Mr. Momo testified, identified, and confirmed to an unsigned original document named, ‘’Final CPP Document,” which he claimed was filed with the National Election Commission by Mr. Cummings and others, after the document was passed to him by prosecution for perusal.

He further indicated that Mr. Cummings, in Facebook and chat room posts, admitted that he and the ANC had altered the CPP framework document agreement, which they filed with the National Election Commission of Liberia to bind the parties together.

He added that former chairperson, Senator Nyouinblee Kangar-Lawrence, in a communication, told Cummings to take responsibility of the alteration of the CPP document, because it was done under his watch.  

Chairman Momo disclosed that co-defendants Aloushya Toe, SG and senator Daniel Nyante, Chairman of the ANC, were the principal implementing agents of Mr. Cummings’ alleged alteration and filing of the CPP document to the NEC. The CPP document provides that the leadership party’s national executive council is headed by the leadership party Chairman, while the SG of the leadership party is the head of the secretarial.

‘’senator Lawrence, in her letter to the members of the CPP framework investigative committee, registered her disclosure and mandated the committee to ensure that upon the resolution of the controversy concerning the alteration of the framework document, the photocopy will be retrieved, and properly refiled with the NEC.

After this, the CPP framework investigative committee visited the NEC political office and requested to see the document, which was filed by Cummings and team, he noted.

Mr. Momo continued that what was filed by Cummings and others was confirmed and verified by them through the political office of the NEC. They discovered that what was filed on July 14, 2020 as CPP framework document had a cover photocopy with the date of July 14, 2020 in red ink.

He lamented that they went through the document page by page and indeed found that it was a photocopy but at the end of the document was the signature page of the May 19,2020 document.

‘’We then took notes, returned, and continued with the committee work as mandated by the chairperson, Senator Kangar-Lawrence.

Our observation and fact finding are all written in the final report of the CPP framework agreement investigative report,” he concluded.

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