SUP Condemns Dr. Nelson For Outburst Students Payment Of Registration Fees

The Student Unification Party (SUP) has condemns such outlandish generalization which was made by Dr. Julius Sawolo Nelson, and calls him to address the students of the university in a more proper and decent manner whenever he takes the stance to address the students of the university.

SUP said it was the University Administration, led by Mr. Nelson who granted permits to those entertainment centers to operate on the campuses of the University and if it has become sacrilegious to consume alcohol on the campuses of the University, they however has the authority to revoke the permits given to those liquor institutions which allow administrators, lectures and students of the University to consume on its premises.

SUP stated that Dr. Nelson stood so low and never stopped at condemning the students. Adding that he was at his best again instilling fear in the students of the University of Liberia with his deadline payment of registration pronouncement that is expected to take effect on the 30th of April AD 2021.

SUP detests the continuous attempt by Dr. Nelson to force the students into submission to his draconian policies at the state premier university.
The Politburo and Central Committee of the Vanguard SUP attention have been also drawn to the recent outburst peddled against the students of the University of Liberia by Dr Nelson, where he remarked in his recent press conference that the students of the university should refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages, and attend to their liabilities.

They stated that some comrades who continue to struggle for rice and rights, striving militants and ideologues whose boots remain tied in the struggle for social justice, academic freedom and peace, ennoble cadres and professional revolutionaries in the massescratic struggle for egalitarianism, market sellers and farmers who are the backbone of our nations crumbling economy, waiters and waitresses who are underpaid and humiliated on a daily basis by the bourgeois class but yet continue to provide first class dinning service for the elite with humility.

“Students who are future leaders and bedrocks of our society, militants and stalwarts of Africa’s oldest mass-based revolutionary student kingdom” SUP indicated.

The Vanguard Party wants to make this as crystal as clear that it won’t be before the faces of current polit-bureacrats and Central Committants that the students of the university will be cornered into submission to Mr. Nelson’s empty statement.

SUP said almost fifty one years, it has been the innate whatness of the SUP to stand with all oppressed peoples of the world.

The Vanguard Party says to Mr. Nelson that the students of the university are in no rush or whatsoever to pay registration fees and call on Dr. Nelson to open the registration process from now to the end of the semester in May, “Mr. Weah is the biggest debtor to the university, and if the university has run out of cash, Mr. Weah should be made to live up to his responsibility, in this day and age, leaders must not be empty talkers and lyricists; they must be dedicated servants of the people who never renege on their responsibilities” SUP noted.

SUP stressed that Mr. Weah (so-called) free tuition at the state-run university, they continues to retrogress into the abyss of decadence and paralysis, the campuses of the university can not be distinguished from cattle rearing orchard.
They said the bathrooms are nasty and the buildings are dirty and blemished while the libraries and laboratories are antiquated and piggledy.
SUP noted that Dr. Nelson should be contemplating on finding solutions for these compound complex problems created by the ill-fated “free tuition” policy rather than spewing gibberish that students must stop drinking beer and pay their fees.

Accordingly, SUP sees this as an affront and insult to conscious minded students of the University of Liberia and demands an apology from Mr. Nelson.

They stressed that students of the University of Liberia are the most intelligent, conscious and best brains in Liberia.
“We are the best intellectuals, changemakers and youth and student leaders in the country and the creame de la creame and light in darkness in this backward society of Liberia” SUP indicated.

SUP openly said Dr. Nelson must retract his bizarre statement which has greeted the student populace at UL with anger.

They also frowns on the mediocrity shown by Dr. Nelson to transfer the financial burden from Mr. George Weah to the underprivileged striving university students and herby calls on Dr. Nelson to muster the courage and demand President Weah to pay his USD$1.2M owed the university.

“Our TPA has reliably informed us that this financial indebtedness owed the University by Mr. Weah has made the university to owe its vital service providers which includes: LIBTELCO, LEC, and LWSC etc” they pointed out.

Meanwhile they are calling on their colleagues of the University of Liberia to remain calm, and not to be in any rush to pay a registration fees, “If you have, you can pay. But if you dont have, no worries because we expect the University Authority to understand the current economic constraints imposed by the COVID-19 coupled with Mr. Weah many failed economic policies”.

SUP indicated that any attempt for the Dr. Nelson, to prematurely close the registration process on April 30, 2021, which will automatically drop more than ten thousand (10,000) students out of school this semester, they have no option but to rally University students to move into history through mass protest on the campuses of the University of Liberia.

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