Reporters Association Mourns Loss of Esteemed Member, Chris Pewu, Calls for Solidarity and Improved Support for Journalists’ Well-being

The Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL) expresses deep sorrow over the loss of one of its esteemed members, Chris Pewu. In light of this tragic event, RAL calls upon all its members to change their profile pictures to black as a symbolic gesture of unity and mourning.

Chris Pewu, whose journey in journalism began at the state-run Liberia Broadcasting System, was pronounced dead upon arrival at Benson Hospital on December 18, after battling a prolonged illness. It has been revealed that Pewu faced significant health complications leading up to his passing.

Having served as a volunteer reporter at Liberia Broadcasting System, as well as a reporter at Radio Five and The Public Agenda, Chris Pewu’s departure has left an irreplaceable void in the media community and the nation as a whole.

While grieving the loss of their colleague, RAL appeals to all media organizations and executives to come together and provide support for a dignified burial. It is important to acknowledge the financial difficulties faced by reporters like Pewu.

RAL emphasizes that Pewu’s struggle to access proper medical treatment due to limited finances should serve as a wake-up call to media owners. They urge media owners to prioritize better wages and benefits for reporters in order to safeguard their well-being.

The leadership of the Reporters Association of Liberia makes a heartfelt plea to fellow reporters, urging them to promptly inform RAL about any health-related challenges they may face. This will enable swift intervention and prevent similar threats to the lives of their colleagues in the future.

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