Mayor of Monrovia Urged to Focus on Cleaning up the City Amidst Negative Comments

The role of the city mayor is a very crucial one as it involves the management of the city and ensuring that the city is clean, safe, and habitable for the residents.

In Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, the current mayor, Jefferson Koijee, has been negatively commented upon by his critics. However, he should not allow himself to be distracted by these comments, but rather focus on cleaning up the city, which is currently engulfed by filth.

It is essential that the city’s mayor stop letting himself be distracted by negative comments. Mayor Jefferson Koijee has been falsely accused without any substantive evidence by his haters. The mayor ought to ignore these negative remarks and concentrate on his duties and responsibilities.

The city of Monrovia is currently gobbled up by dirt, and it is the mayor’s responsibility to ensure that the city is clean and habitable for its inhabitants.

The mayor should focus on developing policies to ensure the cleanliness of the city. He should work closely with the sanitation department to make sure the city is cleaned up regularly. The mayor should also work with other stakeholders, including the private sector, to increase the number of garbage cans in the city. He should also encourage residents to dispose of their waste properly and raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a clean city.

The mayor should also work to improve the municipal drainage system. The rainy season at Monrovia is characterized by flooding as a result of the poor drainage system. The mayor should work with the departments concerned to make sure that the drainage system is improved to prevent flooding. This will not only improve the living conditions of the inhabitants, but also prevent the propagation of diseases.

The mayor of Monrovia should not be distracted by negative comments, but rather focus on the sanitation of the city. The Mayor should work closely with appropriate departments and stakeholders to ensure that the city is clean, safe and livable for residents.

It is the responsibility of the mayor to ensure that the city is well-managed, and it is time for Mayor Jefferson Koijee to rise to the occasion and perform his duties and responsibilities that he is being paid for.

Written By: Dakpannah U-Thant Nicholas Smith, a patriotic Liberian who is concerned about the forward match of the motherland.

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