Opposing the candidacy of Former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai in the Upcoming Liberian Presidential Elections

Dear fellow Liberians,

As we approach the upcoming elections, it is important for us to carefully consider the candidates who are vying for the position of President of Liberia. One such candidate is former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

While Mr. Boakai served as Vice President for 12 years, it is important to note that during that time, corruption was on the increase, financial malpractices were rampant, and the management of the country’s resources was poor. For 12 consecutive years, his administration was given the chance to change the narrative, but all we saw was taking the blame for embezzlements and squandering opportunities.

Now, he wants us to believe that he is a better alternative for the Liberian people. This is the same Boakai who is on record admitting to mismanaging resources when he had the power to do better.

Under his watch, NOCAL went bankrupt and 66 bogus concession agreements were signed that were never in the interest of the ordinary people. Till today, none of it has been accounted for.

He was also in charge of the health sector and yet Liberians were dying from preventable diseases due to lack of adequate healthcare facilities and medical supplies.

Furthermore, during his tenure, Liberia experienced one of the worst Ebola outbreaks in history. The government’s response was slow and ineffective, resulting in the unnecessary loss of many lives.

It is clear that Joseph Nyumah Boakai is not the right person to lead Liberia. He had his chance and failed to deliver the change that the country desperately needed. It’s time for a new leader with fresh ideas and a commitment to serving the people of Liberia.

We cannot afford to entrust the leadership of our country to someone who has already proven to be ineffective and incapable of managing resources. We need a leader who is committed to transparency, accountability, and the well-being of all Liberians.

Let us carefully consider our options and choose a candidate who has the integrity, experience, and vision to lead our country to a brighter future.


Dakpannah U-Thant Nicholas Smith, a true son of the soil who means well for our beloved nation.

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