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Hon. James Henric Pearson, II – Director, National Security Agency (NSA)
wins security chief of the year 2021 under review., as we present WHO’s your personality of the Year -2021.

Hon. James Henric Pearson, II – Director, National Security Agency (NSA)
becomes our security chief of the year, as we present WHO’s your personality of the Year -2021.

Our security personality of the Year 2021, is an Intelligence Expert (IE) with a passion for providing National Security Intelligence assessment for decision-making, coupled with proven records of integrity and a wide collection of experience in the intelligence community, serving in a number of posts ranging from Case Officer to Director within different departments including Special Services and Operations.

As an Intelligence Expert, he has vast knowledge in Counter- Terrorism and Security Intelligence, amongst others.

There are so many attributions and skills that led to his preferment, but the most important one is getting the agency out of a rented building to its own headquarters.

The NSA Boss, Mr. James Henric Pearson stands tall as a principle-minded character who believes in commitment, dedication and discipline.

It was under Pearson’s administration, the NSA acquired its own Headquarters since 1974.

No more rental fees to landlord.

J. Henric Pearson has brought credibility and respect to the law enforcement sector of Liberia.

His immeasurable leadership examples have positioned the NSA as a professional and development-oriented security entity, ready and prepared to boost the trust and confidence building process in the security sector of Liberia.

President George Manneh Weah made no mistake to have appointed him to said position.

The confidence reposed in him by the CIC was manifested in a positive way, when he President Weah saw Director Pearson hand work.

President Weah was happy for the newly constructed headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA) and described it as “a milestone achievement and an outcome of excellent bilateral cooperation”.

It was through the ingenuity of Director Pearson, the fundings from the United States Government in support of the Liberian security sector was provided.

The three-storey headquarters complex was negotiated and built during the administration of President Weah in a year time.

Because President weah declared that other officials of his government must see the NSA state -of- the -art – office duplex as an impetus for others who may want to assist government undertake similar projects, we at Dakpannah 24 News, are pleased to announce Director J. Henric Pearson as security chief of the year 2021.

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