Alexander Cummings Challenges CDC’s Claim of One-Round Victory, Calls for Realistic Assessment of Liberia’s Political Landscape

In a scathing critique, Alexander Cummings, the leader of the Collaborating Political Parties, has vehemently dismissed the ruling CDC’s repeated claim of securing a one-round victory in the upcoming October 10, 2023 elections as utter nonsense. Cummings firmly believes that the Liberian people deserve a more realistic appraisal of their political landscape.

Cummings further highlighted the grim reality faced by the Liberian people under President George Weah’s administration. He emphasized the escalating suffering, inadequate governance structures, and dearth of developmental progress experienced by the citizens. In light of these hardships, he argued that it is simply implausible for the CDC to achieve a one-round victory in the elections. Consequently, he urged members of the ruling party, including President Weah, to abandon this futile pursuit of false hope.

The political leader of the CPP asserted that the people of Liberia are unwilling to bestow a one-round victory upon a government that has consistently failed to deliver over the past years. The Liberian population, according to Cummings, demands a change that can only be achieved through an honest evaluation of the country’s challenges and a commitment to address them effectively.

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