ALP Suspends Its National Chairlady for Deceiving the Party Over Rice Donation

The Leadership of the All Liberian Party(ALP) has suspended for time indefinite Madam Grace Yancy Yuan, Acting Chair Lady of the National Women’s League of the party.

The party’s decision comes after an investigative hearing regarding Madam Grace Yuan’s involvement in the receipt and distribution of the donation(50 bags of rice and L$100,000.00) to the National Women’s League. The decision was made based on the following:

a. that Madam Grace Yuan deceived the leadership of the party about the source of the donation and compromised the integrity of the party .

b. the party has realized that Madam Grace Yuan didn’t portray accountability and transparency in the handling of the donation of 50 bags of rice and L$ 100, 000.00 to the National Women’s League of the party.

“This action of Madam Yuan, according to the party , also stirred up confusion , mistrust and discouragement within the National Women League, to whom she failed to do full disclosure of the content of the donation received on their behalf,” the party further stated.

Meanwhile, the party has instructed Madam Yuan to turn over its assets in her possession to the Vice Chair for Administration, Madam Sanjee Stepter.

At the same time, the leadership of the party says it will name an Acting Chairlady of the National Women’s League shortly.

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