Liberia: Well that’s exactly what a local news outlet in the county is reporting.

According to  Ablee-Jay Media, residents of  Edina City and Upper Buchanan ,  have allegedly abandoned the Ferry donated by Ex- Vice President Joseph Boakai to the people of Grand Bassa , due to Political interference. 

In December of 2021 , Ambassador Joseph Boakai and team visited Upper Buchanan Community and donated the   ferry to citizens of Bassa  . 

But in a dramatic twist, hours  after the Ferry was turned over,  the Mayor of Edina city, Alzettea Spiller , threatened not to allow the ferry use the Edina’s  river,  because it was not turned over the people of Edina. 

“The ferry will not operate on the Edina River until the ferry is turned over to them”.

Mayor Spiller said Ambassador Boakai  told the public that the ferry was for the people of  Edina but he later pronounced that it is for the entire Grand Bassa County. 

The Edina Mayor has  demanded  Ambassador Boakai to provide the Ferry he promised  them in 2017- adding that they will allow the one he donated to the entire county to get on the Edina River. 

Mayor Spiller statement  sparked serious confusion,  leading to  heated political debate in the county . 

The reported  political interference has somewhat stalled the sole purpose for which the ferry was donated.

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