“CDC Executive Committee Member Accused of Secretly Donating Fleet of Pick-Up Trucks to Opposition Party”

Sources have uncovered a scandal involving a high-ranking member of the CDC Executive Committee and Senate Pro-tempore, Albert Chie.

It appears that Chie has been secretly donating a fleet of 25 pick-up trucks to the opposition Unity Party.

The Unity Party has been flaunting their new wheels around town, leading many to question where the sudden influx of vehicles came from.

Our sources have revealed that Chie is working with the UP and other opposition groups to prevent them from fielding a candidate against him in the upcoming elections.

This move is seen as an attempt to secure Chie’s reelection in Grand Kru County in 2023.

Despite admitting to giving seven of the vehicles to the Unity Party, Chie has denied any involvement in the donation of the other 18 trucks.

Chie’s Chief of Office Staff, Lavoisier Julu, has staunchly denied the accusations, claiming that they are baseless and untrue.

He has even suggested that the gesture may have been made by another senator altogether.

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