CDC Gears Up for Historic Campaign Launch with Over 1,460 Party Auxiliaries

CDC Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu is currently collaborating with a dedicated team of over 1,460 Party Auxiliaries in the preparation of the party’s highly anticipated campaign launch on September 7th.

The leaders and members of the Auxiliaries, filled with enthusiasm and determination, gathered in large numbers at the party’s headquarters on Sunday evening to celebrate the progress made thus far under the guidance of Chairman Morlu.

In an official statement, the Party expressed its excitement for the upcoming CDC rally on September 7th, which Chairman Morlu believes will bring forth an overwhelming wave of support and effectively bring Montserrado to a standstill. This event will mark a historic moment for the CDC as it will be the first of its kind since its establishment.

Chairman Morlu emphasized the unity within the CDC and the collective effort to secure a resounding victory in the upcoming October 10th elections. The party is working diligently to ensure a one-round victory, signaling their commitment to the people and their aspirations.

With over one million registered voters expected to participate in the CDC’s official campaign launch, the party is poised to make a powerful statement and set the stage for a successful election season.

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