CDC National Chair Mulbah Morlu Accuses Opposition Political Parties of Buying Citizens’ Voter Registration Cards

Despite his failure to name a single political party involved, the CDC Chair said such acts are being carried out by the opposition political leaders ahead of the 2023 elections.

Mr. Morlu told a news conference Thursday at the party’s national headquarters in Congo Town that the acts undermine the transparency of the ensuing elections.

He also called on all citizens to resist any of those opposition leaders, who are carrying on such dubious acts, thus terming the action as unpatriotic and detrimental to the development of the country.

He wants citizens to refuse the selling of their voter registration card, terming the card as a gold that should be jealously protected.

Meanwhile, Mulbah Morlu has declared the last three days of the ongoing Voters’ registration as a Coalition Voter Registration Day.

He said the party will discipline members and executives of the party who will fail to register in the last three days.

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