Coalition for Democratic Change Reaffirms Commitment to Issue-Centered Campaign Amidst Disappointing Display

The Weah-Taylor 2023 Campaign Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change reaffirms its dedication to conducting an issue-centered campaign that highlights President George M. Weah’s outstanding track record of development and good governance.

Additionally, the committee emphasizes the importance of upholding a peaceful democratic atmosphere.

In a press release, the Weah-Taylor 2023 Campaign Committee expresses its disappointment regarding the actions of certain overly enthusiastic supporters who paraded the streets with a casket during the official commencement of the political campaign period for the Presidential and Legislative elections in October.

The committee condemns this behavior as unacceptable and not representative of the envisioned activities that should characterize this pivotal democratic process.

The committee firmly believes that the remarkable achievements of the Weah Administration throughout the years provide a solid foundation for a resounding victory in the upcoming elections.

The release, signed by Eugene L. Nagbe, the Campaign Manager, urges all individuals working towards the ultimate goal of reelecting Weah-Taylor to stay focused on the campaign’s core message.

Furthermore, the Committee extends its gratitude to all members, supporters, and affiliates of the Coalition for Democratic Change for their unwavering dedication to ensuring the re-election of President Weah.

They are encouraged to continue working tirelessly, regardless of any obstacles, until a decisive victory is achieved.

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