Cummings Appoints Former CDC Stalwart as Special Aide

The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress has appointed the former Chairman of CDC-USA, Isaac Vah Tukpa, Jr. as Chief of Staff in his office.
Mr. Tukpah replaces Atty. Moriah Yeakula who, according to a statement from the ANC, is off to the United States to pursue her Masters In Law.

“In addition to his role, I. Vah will help with overall Political Communications Strategy. I believe I. Vah will make a good addition to our team and help me/us move to the next level.”

Isaac Vah Tukpah resigned from the Congress for Democratic Change, citing the poor governance of the state by the George Weah led administration.

In an interview with Frontpage Africa in 2020, Tukpah asserted, “I have no bad blood toward President Weah, but I do not know what is in his heart toward me. My differences are not personal, but more of policy differences. I am always open to mitigating these differences. If the government can do a 180-degree turn and start to deliver for the people, I will be the first to praise the government and President Weah. Unfortunately, the performance to date has nothing to applaud. I am not concerned with personal issues. I am only concerned with uplifting Liberians to their fullest potential while creating integrated structural changes for Liberians to excel and be proud of our country, country boasting rich history and unparalleled resolve, and themselves. I have resigned from the CDC and I am running as an independent candidate. I made that decision because I am in strong disagreement with the governance of the CDC-led government. The government departed from the fundamental philosophy of CDC and its core values.”

His Letter of Resignation was accepted by the Chairman of the CDC, Mulbah Morlu, who confirmed, “The Congress for Democratic Change acknowledges the resignation of Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah, as contained in a letter dated 14 June 2020, and addressed to the Chairman of the CDC. In his resignation letter, Mr. Tukpah said he chose to resign his membership from the party because he’s ‘Pursuing other opportunities which will be in contradiction to the CDC’s Constitution’. Hence, as a party committed to the rule of law, while valuing the membership of all partisans, supporters and sympathizers, we relentlessly commit ourselves to the protection and defense of anyone’s right to join the CDC freely and to leave freely, consistent with the bylaws and constitution of the mighty Congress for Democratic Change. Therefore, the Congress for Democratic Change expresses thanks to Mr. Tukpah for his membership over the years, and herewith accepts his resignation; wishing him well in his chosen political path.”
He contested in the 2020 Midterm Senatorial Elections in Montserrado County amassing a total of 883 votes representing 0.26%. Prior to his resignation in 2020, Tukpah was one of the lead campaigners of the party in the 2017 General and Presidential Elections. It is believed the new ANC man was denied job opportunities by the President, a decision that according to reports, made him go rogue on the regime.
His appointment has, however, been greeted with mixed reactions from members and sympathizers of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and opposition alike.
The head of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, a pressure group averred, “This is beyond Leadership Chief. I’m out of words here! For you to select a man who worked with the CDC for many years as your Chief of Staff only signal that you are truly a man with peace, and your leadership could be beyond political parties. This is truly a good leadership.”

Mwalimu Mwalimu, a supporter of the ANC expressed his disdain on the appointment, “Congratulations Atty. Moriah! As for the appointment of Mr. Tukpah, I think it’s a wrong move Mr. Alexander B. Cummings! I don’t trust this man. Besides, you could’ve checked within the party and taken a competent, responsible, and resilient young male/female to occupy such position. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to have different results. The tendency or tradition of recycling failed and visionless politicians has to stop. Some of us thought it wise to support you based on your competence, integrity, and the zest of doing it differently, not by putting new wine in old bottles.”

The appointment, according to the statement, takes immediate effect.

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