Dillon Lied to Liberia; Exposed for Riding Business Class

Documents in the position of Dakpannah 24 News/ Television have established that Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon alledgely deceived the public when he said he never flew business class on his recent fund-raising trip to United States.

The documents revealed that while it is true that Senator Dillon flew Economy on Asky Airlines from Monrovia to Accra, his economy class ticket for the United States was alledgely upgraded in Accra where he flew Z Class on Delta Airlines from Accra to New York.

Sources in the aviation sector told this news outlet that Z is the discounted Business Class fare. It provides the same onboard service as full Business Class, but there are fare restrictions such as a change fee plus a difference in fare if you want to change the flight.

Senator Darius Dillon on June 24 posted a photo of himself in business cabin to announce his arrival in the United States. His post sparked concerns on social media – both from his supporters and from within the ruling establishment, criticizing him of being flamboyant despite lashing out at the government over wasteful spending in an economy that he claimed is in the toilet.

After Front Page Africa Liberia published the Senator flaunting himself in the business cabin, indicating that he flew Business Class Senator Dillon took to social media to criticize the publication, terming it as a lie.

He went on to post a screenshot of the original ticket he purchased from Monrovia to New York routing through Accra on Asky and Delta Airlines.

According to Dillon, he flew economy but walked into the business cabin to talk to a foreign friend whom he did not name.

The tough talking senator is also quoted as saying in his post to Facebook
“Truth always wins, no matter who spins it! So, I purchased my own ticket not from government coffer, not taxpayers’ money. I can use my personal earnings to choose to fly any section on a plane, but I always choose to spend judiciously and or to my own convenience as I feel necessary. Now, as can be seen from the screenshot of my Electronic Ticket, I purchased Economy Class seat from Monrovia to America. The photo of me seated in Economy Class was also posted. During the flight, I walked over to chat with a foreign friend in the Business Class section of the plane. And now, I see the naysayers and spin-doctors running with “Darius Dillon flew Business Class.” This is why I always laugh out loud when people make themselves look so dumb and silly without making honest effort to know or find out the facts/truth before running around in the name of being “moral police”!! Ya’ll go find another lie again so I can beat ya’ll with the-truth! Hahaha”.

But the Senator was able to only reveal his original economy ticket, thereby concealing the upgraded Delta Airlines ticket, leaving the ticket confirmation number exposed which anyone could use to trace the booking, change the booking and view the receipt.

Dakpannah 24 News/ Television discovered that Delta Airlines only registered Sen. Dillon’s trip from Accra to New York and from New York back to Monrovia without including the flight from Monrovia to Accra.
While Dillon originally booked Economy Class, he upgraded his ticket in Accra, thereby flying Delta One Z (discounted Business Class) from Accra to New York. The exposure of his ticket’s confirmation number (G7D6H) created the avenue to trace the receipt and class on www.delta.com, which is the official website of Delta Airlines.

This news outlet is concerned about why Senator Dillon alledgely
misinformed the public about the business class ticket.

The Montserrado County Senator has been strong in exposing corruption and wasteful spending in the Senate and by the government at large.

He was overwhelmingly elected to the Liberian Senate due to his stance on fighting corruption and bringing sanctity to the Liberian Senate – promising to be the light at the Capitol.

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