By: Samuel B. Johnson

Barely three weeks to the conduct of the Senatorial bye-election in lofa County, District 5 representative Hon. Beyan D Howard has declared his support to the Senatorial bid of formal Lofa county Senator Sumo G. Kupee.

According to the Lofa county District 5 lawmaker, his support to the candidacy of Hon. Kupee came as a result of consultation with the electorates of the district, who told him to do so.

Lofa County, which is expected to experience bye-election as a result of the vacant seat created by the former Senator elect Brownie’s Samukai who was elected during the 2020 midterm election by over 20,000 voters to represent the county at the upper house of the Legislature, was not certificated by the National Election Commission to occupy the position due to his conviction of misuse and misappropriation of military funds.

Appearing on Radio Life in Zorzor Lofa county, Hon. Beyan D Howard stated that his declaration to support Sumo G Kupee was a direct mandate from the citizens of electoral District #5 of Lofa county.

He narrated that during the regime of former Senator Sumo G Kupee at the Liberian Senate, he was able to have lobbied with his colleagues at the house of Senate to place some major institutions in the district within the national budget, while serving as the Senate chair on ways means and finance.

Hon. Howard, who heavily supported Brownie’s Samukai during the 2020 midterm election, said it was based on characteristics of the leadership style he saw within the ex-elected Senator.

The lawmaker, who is a member of the Alternative National Congress, recounted his decision to support the People’s Unification Party candidate was based on calls from the citizens in his district.

The lawmaker said that although Kupee supported Augustine B. Chiewolo during the 2017 general election against him, but he has no problem with that, and he further calls on all citizen of the district in the camping called ‘ operation to bring back Kupee to the Senate.’

He however assured Hon. Kupee that he will make sure that his people will overwhelmingly vote, come May 10, 2022.

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