EFFL Commander Warns CDC: Rigging Elections Will Have Catastrophic Consequences

Emmanuel Gonquoi, the Commander In Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), has issued a stern warning to the governing Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) regarding the upcoming 2023 elections. In no uncertain terms, Gonquoi has declared that any attempt by the CDC to rig the elections will result in a catastrophic outcome.

Despite the CDC’s claims that the October 10 Presidential and legislative elections will be a sure victory for President George Weah in just one round, the EFFL leader dismisses this as a fear tactic employed by the CDC and its officials. Gonquoi firmly believes that any manipulation of the electoral process by the CDC will be met with strong opposition.

During an appearance on the Truth Breakfast Show on Monday, Gonquoi emphasized the significance of the Farmington declaration, which was signed by various political parties with the aim of ensuring violence-free and peaceful elections. He stressed that the signatories must honor their commitment to maintaining a fair and transparent electoral process.

In light of these statements, it is evident that Emmanuel Gonquoi and the EFFL are prepared to take a stand against any attempts to undermine the democratic principles of Liberia. Their determination to preserve the integrity of the electoral system serves as a reminder that no individual or party should ever compromise the democratic rights of the Liberian people.

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