Enough Is Enough We Must Stop Stealing In Government Says Alexander B. Cummings

Opposition Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander Cummings has stressed the need for massive corruption in government and the reported misterious deaths in the country to come to an end.

Addressing the nation Sunday May 23,2021, Cummings noted that Liberians can’t keep waiting and say corruption in public area will end by itself, but rather Liberians have to stop it by themselves. According to him corruption in public sector is keeping too many of Liberians poor.

At the same time Cummings noted that Liberia doesn’t need to wait and do things the same way, but rather called on the Weah led government to lead the way things should be to build a more just society by punishing corrupt official. He said this is the only way to make the society law abiding.

He further said it is hard to stop corruption in public offices,when people who should be stopping it and set good examples are not just stealing but are the actual rogues.

ANC leader Cummings said weather stealing is done by the president, Ministers, friends or opposition stealing is wrong.

Meanwhile,the ANC political leader than made mentioned of the reported misterious death in the country noting that weather it is done by Warlords,or president killing the people of Liberia mysteriously is wrong.

He than said to stop the issue of misterious death in Liberia government should investigate and punish anyone involved.

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