Former COP Executives Describe Costa As Loudmouth Con Artist And Silicon Rascal

A group of young people under the banner of Former Founding CPP- COP Executives have described Henry P. Costa, Chairman of the Council Of Patriots (COP) as a loudmouth con artist and silicon rascal.

In a release issued Monday, May 10, 2021, the former COP executives accused Costa of bragging on his online show of how he assisted conscious young cadres that were supporting his quest for the direct personalization of Liberia’s politics and self gratification unknown to themselves.

“It will amaze you to know that because those fearless young men later resigned from Costa’s COP by choosing the Prosperity of the Republic by supporting the CDC Weah-Led government over protestation for few opposing individuals.

Intoxicated Costa saw the action of those young peoples departure from his cartel of angry job seekers purporting as Patriots to insult, demean and falsely castigate the fabric of his so-called influence in Liberia’s politics,” the release said.

The former founding executives revealed that they risked their lives for Costa, terming him as an ungrateful intellectual entertainer.

They said that it is out of unconsciousness that Costa will fabricate lies and unworthy stories of how he was giving them monthly salaries and providing everything for them when he, Costa hasn’t been employed throughout his life.

“We condemn Costa for his reckless statement and unthinkable pronouncement and want to say to the Liberian people that our association to Costa’s COP was a medium of pressurizing our government to wake up but we resigned the day we realized that Costa was associated with receiving money from the government at night and using unfounded archaic words at day while young people were used as tools to implement his selfish interest,” the former COP Executives narrated.

They said that since Costa is so ungrateful and childish to brag about giving them financial assistance, they have come to inform the Liberian people that they have opened a public fund raising rally to return his so-called good that he can discuss in public corridors.

“His attitude of having such conversation in public is extremely insane and morally unacceptable; henceforth, we want Costa to know that we will return his so-called assistance so he can desist from being terribly angry and arrogantly traumatized,”they exerted.

The Former Executives of the CPP-COP called on all patriotic Liberians to stand with them in solidarity on this campaign.

The release was signed by Kendrick Pelenah, Henry Tabla, Hassan Trawalay, Aaron Koffa Chea, Ben B. Togbah, Jr., Joshua F. Karr, Foday N. Massaquoi and Robertson Monboe.

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