Franklin Sarkoh, Former Comptroller at the National Port Authority, and Strong Supporter of the CDC, Identifies as a Rational Member of the Party who is Ready to Challenge its Symbol to Ensure that the Needs of the Public are Not Overlooked

Franklin Sarkoh, a candidate for Montserrado County District #16 representative and a member of the CDC, has asserted that he is a responsible member of the party who prioritizes serving the people over party loyalty. Rather than relying on the support of the CDC, he plans to run independently in the 2023 elections to demonstrate his popularity.

At a recent event hosted by the Borough Intellectual and Development Forum, Sarkoh spoke out against CDC members who have used their positions to mistreat and exploit ordinary citizens. He argued that voters should focus on electing leaders with strong leadership skills, rather than blindly supporting a political party.

Sarkoh emphasized that the Liberian Constitution places power in the hands of the people, not political parties. He urged voters to carefully evaluate candidates before casting their ballots, in order to avoid repeating past mistakes.

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