‘’I will make farmers millionaires’’
Dr. Whapoe assures Liberian

Opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe has vowed to make Liberia agricultural farmer multi-millionaires when elected President of the Country.

Speaking over the weekend in Oldest Congo Town at the Peace Island Community Hall with cross session of Women grouping, Dr. Whapoe said that God has destined him to be the destiny helper of the thousands of farmers and women in Liberia.

According to him, he will fight and help Liberia farmers and women to be wealthy because under his administration, women and farmer will be empower and Liberia will stop the capital flight of what they are engaged into today.

‘’Your hard times are over. Your poverty is finish. When I become President of this nation, I Whapoe will make farmer millionaires. You have listen to my platforms which included human capacity empowerment, healthcare, education and better economy through agriculture and food production. However, I will ensure that farmers are empowered and they will produce enough until we will export to other country that will make them millionaires’’ Dr. Whapoe assured Liberia.

He said that Liberia is spending more money on the importation of food then the health and education of its citizens only because the country has a government that is not farsighted and don’t see agriculture and food production as medicine for food insecurity.

Dr. Whpoe noted that today, Liberia is importing oranges from Sierra Leone spending approximately US$18 million each on peanuts and orange, while US$23 and US$ four hundred and eight million United States dollars on the importation of rice and pepper.

He described the huge yearly importation as disingenuous, on grounds that Liberia has a fertile land that can produce all of what they are impetrating and even shift some outside the country to bring money in return.

According to him Liberia is currently divided under the administration of President George Weah with less attention on the empowerment and development of the human capacity mostly women and farmers across the country.

He cautioned the women to participate in the upcoming election, adding that if they participate and believe they all can win the election and removes the current nightmare that the country is in.

‘’ Liberia is divided. And so, we need somebody to unify us. Somebody that will bring all of us together and forget about tribalism. Today, all we see is hate and ethnicity in this government because the country has a head of state who is not interested in unity and progress’’ Dr. Whapoe pointed out.

In continuation of his citizen’s engagement across the country, Dr. Whapoe on Saturday, March 4, 2023 was received by several women groups at the Peace Island Community multi-purpose Community Hall.

The program was graced by women, youths, elders, civil society as well as student grouping who quizzed Dr. Whapoe on his political manifesto and ambition to provide leadership for the country.

Prior, to giving his official remark and presentation of his political agenda to Liberia, the Chairlady of the Peace Island Community Madam Vero Tweh said that they are excited to have Dr. Whapoe with them.

According to her, they have been let down by the government of Liberia therefore, its now time that the government be replaced with a serious leadership.

‘’We have come to listen to a new beginning. New era, and movement. We the women of Liberia have not been treated fairly. But, this man, is selfless and we believe he will provide the best of all we need’’ she concluded.

The program was graced by the Grand Bassa Women, Grand Gedeh women, Grebo Women, women of Destiny, Determined Women, United Brother and Sister Association of Peace Island Community among others.

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