Liberian Media to Produce More Legislators in 2023, as Journalist Success A. Minor Ascertains Being a Media Center & Practical Lawmaker for his People.

As the political engagements, consultations, and discussions heat up ahead of the 2023 general elections, the media community is said to be leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a formidable representation at the National Legislature, come the decisive elections.

Even though there are current lawmakers from the media sector to include: Senators Francis Paye and Wellington Geevon Smith, both from Rivercess County, but the strategic sector , the media community believes that more representation, come 2023, will be an added advantage for them.

Currently covert and undisclosed names are emerging from the sector, but one of such who has braved the storm to let the cat out of the bag with no time to waste ahead of the crucial political process, is versatile Liberian journalist Success Abu Minor.

Mr. Minor is a former employee of Sky Communications Inc., where he once served as both a reporter, continuity announcer, television producer , studio manager/Switcher, news presenter and also a former Chaplain General of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL).

In the wake of the political process, the innovative Liberian journalist, due to his impactful contributions over time, mainly in his district, has so far won the heart of his people, especially the young people in District #13, Montserrado County.

The energy of the district, the young people thirsty for change and political deliverance has now established a group named and styled Friends of Success Abu Minor, and have now championed the cause to ensure their true picture and direct representation is felt come 2023 at the National Legislature.

Currently the group is engaging into self help and community engagements, in order to help transform the district and to ensure that it is turned over politically to the direct beneficiaries, the young people through Success A. Minor.

As a former media lecturer at Legacy Institute of Journalism and Communications, Mr. Minor has over the period developed the skills and experience in direct representation for his people as well as practical advocacy , strategies and development.

The Representative, hopeful among other things, outlined capacity building, increase in outreach activities, including the regaining of the claimed lost image and reputation of the District as priorities and initiatives he envisioned to undertake as part of his initial efforts and plans for his people.

“I will improve our social engagements, I will try to advocate for the increase of our District development funds among others,” he emphasized.

Moreover, Mr. Minor pointed out that he will use his advocacy skills to lobby for more fundings to make sure that companies and factories operating in District #13, Montserrado County, redirect their corporate social responsibility focus to building the capacity of the future leaders of the district who are cardinal imperative and foundation of any nation.

In Conversation with our reporter, the young Representative hopeful assured his people that he will also endeavor to make impactful decisions at the National Legislature that will improve the well-being of his constituents, especially the children and youth of the district.

Success A Minor is a Liberian ournalist and an advocate, born in New Georgia Estate unto the union of Mr. Fayiah Minor and Mrs. Finda Minor and was raised in the Freeport Community.

He is the Founder and the Chief Executive Director of the International Campaign Fellows Liberia Chapter, a group that is involved in creating awareness and sensitization on issues of diversity in Liberia.

With headquarters in Akron, Ohio, the United States of America, the International Campaign Fellows focus on among other things, elections processes as well as Democratic issues .

The professional Liberian journalist and a Representative hopeful is also a Fellow of the Akron University in Ohio and a Fellow of the University of Minnesota, where he received a Certificate in Electioneering, Conflict resolution and Media law and ethics respectively.

Success, a passionate leader who believes in the emancipation of his people, is confident that the time to redeem them, especially the youth in district #13, Montserrado County, is now and he is that change maker, the direct face and true representation to make the dream and ambition to come to reality.

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