LP Constitutes a Special Committee to Investigate Internal Wriggling

The Liberty Party, one of the biggest Liberian opposition groups, is reported to have a major tussle within its hierarchy. In order to find a common ground, they called for a meeting on August 26, 2021, at their headquarters in Congo Town, where the party is said to have issued a special statement regarding the mandatory meeting convened under the auspices of the National Advisory Council to consider all the necessary procedures aimed at amicably resolving LP’s internal conflict.

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, the National Advisory Council (NAC) of Liberty Party, summoned a meeting with the Political Leader and Chairman, Musa H. Bility, as a part of ongoing efforts to resolve the intra-party dispute concerning the legitimacy of LP’s 2021 Constitution.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, the Chair of the National Advisory Council, Debar W. Allen, emphasized the need for concerted effort with its specific focus is on resolving the conflict which has the proclivity to tear the party apart.

At the same time, the meeting took into consideration LP as the current Chair of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), position the party holds in high esteem, and therefore most likely reason it was fast to initiate and negotiate a speedy resolution, the special statement signed/ approved by the chairman, Musa Hassan Bility and Youngblee Karnga-Lawerence, the Political Leader intuned.

In separate remarks, both the Political Leader and the Chairman expressed their unflinching support to deal with the robustly but expeditiously handle the issues of, for example, the alleged tampering with the Constitution, and the improper filing of sensitive or classified documents.

Before the meeting came to a closure, the two parties agreed on the following:

  1. That a 7-member committee of unbiased professionals will be constituted by the two parties to review the Convention’s documents to identify areas of discrepancies and/or breaches in established procedure;
  2. That the two parties shall, by the signing of a memorandum of understanding, commit themselves to the recommendations of the Committee, and work for the resolution of the conflict.
  3. That the Committee shall have 7 days, following its full constitution, to report to the National Advisory Council.
  4. That all party Executives and partisans shall refrain from taking the Party’s internal matter to the media, personally or through their surrogates.

From all indications, all eyes are on Liberty Party to see how it wisely but speedily handles such a sticky issue as tampering with the party’s constitution and the creation of a tangible roadmap for the four Collaboration Political Parties, especially as general and presidential elections are fast approaching.

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