National Youth League of CDC Condemns Potter; Calls on Pres. Weah to Investigate the Assistant Minister of State

The National Youth League of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has condemned what it calls reckless display of wealth on the part of Assistant Minister of State for Logistics, J. Emmanuel Potter.

According to the Youth League, the action of Assistant Minister, who they said couldn’t afford a US$2,500 vehicle years back will, in less than three years, be displaying and popping champagne over a luxurious Audi Q7 vehicle, is unacceptable.
They are quoted as saying, “We have no interest in how the Minister should expend his quote-unquote salary, but want to remind him that the CDC’s government is a government of the ordinary people intended to uplift the lives of the ordinary masses. This is why we are called the People’s Party and governing on the mantra of the “Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity”. The essence of the Pro-Poor agenda is to alleviate the vast majority of our people from the poverty line to an appreciable living standard, but not to enrich an individual to the detriment of our people.”

The Youth League of the governing party said it sees this recent action as a flagrant disrespect to the people of Liberia and a complete contradiction to the philosophy and ideology of the CDC.

They further stated, while the President is making a serious effort in the fight against the COVID-19 menace that is ravaging the country and committedly endeavoring to address the economically challenging situation of the citizenry, they expect his lieutenants to realistically buttress his effort instead of having an individual who supposed to be identifying with their situation but flaunting with such a luxurious vehicle in the midst of all of these issues. Adding that it only speaks to the insensitivity on the part of Mr. Potter.

Meanwhile, the National Youth League of the ruling CDC has called on the President and standard-bearer of the CDC to investigate Mr. Potter’s display of such affluence, which they think is at the peril of the ordinary people.

In addition, they need this investigation to be conducted, as they strive to live within the confines of the Pro-Poor Agenda. They also expressed hope that said move would serve as a deterrent for a would-be agent provocateur.

The National Youth League of the Coalition for Democratic Change has also called on the CDC-COP to abandon their planned protest as the country currently battles the scourge of the COVID-19 crisis. They appreciate the CDC-COP for holding what they described as liar and imposter in “Lying Dillon” accountable for professing to be a person he is not. He is a broad day lying criminal in coat suit flying business class while the people of Montserrado battle for their lives in the midst of the COVID-19, a total contradiction to his so-called immaculate posture.

They also noted that it has come to the attention of the Youth League of what they called the continuous reckless display of luxurious meals by Commissioner Eugene Nagbe, which is a raw provocation and a show of sheer arrogance and total disrespect to the ordinary people who are struggling to afford a daily meal.

It bewilders the Youth League that people like Eugene Nagbe and Emmanuel Potter will engage themselves in extravagance while the masses still struggle for better living conditions. The actions of both individuals undermine the sense of belonging that they envisage for the people as a grassroots movement.

They also called on all partisans and well-wishers to remain focused and not succumb to the reckless display of overnight luxury on the part of Mr. Potter and Mr. Nagbe, who have apparently betrayed the essence of the pro-poor agenda and engage themselves into a flamboyant lifestyle, which is an utter provocation and irresponsible.

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